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Innovestment is an innovative platform for crowd investing, based in Germany. At this point our site is only offering this investment overview in English, but a full translation is in the pipeline and soon to follow.

Below you will find the current auction state for the company PaperC.


The auction was successfully closed.

Need for capital

200% finanziert
Min. 50,000 €
Max. 100,000 €
Size of a share:
The share size shows the portion of the profit and value of the startup that you acquire with every share you purchase by auction.
Current share price:
1,041 €
The market price shows the price that you would currently have to pay for one share. This price is likely to rise during the auction.
Anzahl Zeichner:
Eingeworbenes Kapital:
100,000 €
Here you see the calculated value, resulting from the market price and the number of shares that have been successfully purchased by auction.
Remaining time:
The auction was closed at August 12, 2012 20:32.
Startup value:
2,602,500 €
This is the calculated value of 100% of the startup, resulting from the market price and the size of one share.

  • PaperC
  • Karl-Heine-Straße 63
    04229 Leipzig / Berlin
  • http://paperc.com

Contact person

Valéry Döhler